Techtenna expands European connectivity by roaming with Helium

We are proud to announce Techtenna now can service LoRaWAN customers in the whole of Europe. Techtenna already provides good coverage in large parts of the Netherlands, and now with the roaming partnership with Helium the coverage is extended to the whole of Europe.

Marco Sprenkels CEO Techtenna: “Roaming with Helium accelerates the entry for new markets for Techtenna. When we enter a new region, we can now immediately connect devices to our LoRa network servers by roaming with the Helium hotspots, allowing customers to profit from an even more reliable connection to their devices”

Roaming Explained

The Helium Network’s unprecedented growth, with over 610K Hotspots in 47K+ cities, means the Network sees a large amount of IoT device traffic around the world. When that is non-Helium traffic, it ends up getting dropped.
Roaming partnerships with other wireless networks allows Helium to route that traffic to these partners, dramatically increasing usage on the Helium Network and providing increased global coverage for partners. As there is more emphasis placed on usage versus providing coverage for HNT rewards over time, roaming with partners such as Techtenna will be important drivers of data transfer for Hotspot owners.

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