Cellnex Netherlands solid partner for future growth Techtenna High Density LoRaWAN City Network

detail of Techtenna High Density LoRaWAN City NetworkWe are very proud to announce Cellnex Netherlands strengthens with the installation of the Techtenna antennas on the television tower in Loon op Zand, the Thechtenna High Density LoRaWAN City network in Tilburg. In Tilburg the network is used for research projects.

This network is used, in collaboration with the municipality of Tilburg, for projects around a climate-proof city. The Midden-Brabant Library organizes meetings for concerned citizens to jointly research developments in the city. In collaboration with Ontdekstation013, students build a measuring station and use it to study the influence of the layout of the public space on the ambient temperature by bicycle. Based on the measurement results, they provide advice on how to reduce heat stress in Tilburg and the surrounding area.


Pressrelease Cellnex:

Pilot Cellnex and Techtenna accelerates realization IoT network Tilburg

Utrecht / Breda, April 20, 2021, Cellnex Netherlands, the largest independent operator of telecom sites in the Netherlands and Techtenna, provider of wireless networks for the Internet of Things (IoT), have started a pilot in Tilburg in the field of so-called Long Range Wide Area Networks (LoRaWAN). This type of IoT network is particularly suitable for long-distance communication between devices equipped with a battery-powered IoT sensor.

Connectivity for devices with guaranteed quality

Techtenna’s networks not only offer customers a guaranteed indoor and outdoor coverage, but are also secured. This keeps the content of communication between devices protected.

Marco Sprenkels, CEO and co-founder of Techtenna: “Certainly in the built environment of a city such as Tilburg, where you have to deal with buildings and other structures, you need antennas in many places for good reception. By leveraging Cellnex’s extensive infrastructure, we can now guarantee coverage throughout the area. ”

Sustainable purposes

With its services, Techtenna wants to contribute to the sustainable development goals of the UN. Sprenkels continues: “Our networks enables IoT applications, with which sustainable solutions can be realized by using good, up-to-date and reliable information. For example, the LoRaWAN network in Tilburg, in collaboration with the municipality, is used, among other things, to initiate improvements regarding the climate. But you can also think of smart water meters, which enable water companies to gain insight into water consumption and thus reduce unnecessary water consumption, through leak detection, among other things. Or smart buildings, where energy-saving measures can be taken on the basis of continuous measurements of, for example, temperature and humidity ”

Cooperation Cellnex

The collaboration with Cellnex focuses not only on infrastructure, but also on sharing knowledge. The fact that the customer remains central in this is further shown by the possibility for customers to purchase the service “as-a-service” without investment. Customers will have access to a guaranteed coverage and secure IoT network for a fixed amount per month.


Companies and governments are facing important decisions in the field of digital connectivity. Robin Verlangen, Commercial Director at Cellnex Netherlands: “We are at the foundation of a society in which innovative IoT applications will ensure that we gain more and more insight into how we can make digital society more sustainable and at the same time strengthen the economy. This network offers a number of unique possibilities. We are happy to support governments and companies in these rapidly changing times!”

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