LoRaWAN operators Wireless Belgium and Techtenna sign strategic cooperation agreement

Schoten (BE) / Breda (NL), 7-19-2021, Wireless Belgium and Techtenna enter into a strategic partnership and connect their networks and platforms to serve customers in Europe even better. Wireless Belgium is originally an ISP that provides connectivity in places where traditional providers cannot. With Wireless Things, it has a nationwide LoRaWAN network. The Dutch Techtenna is the first LoRaWAN operator with a connectivity guarantee.

Pioneers in the field of IoT and LoRa technology
The Wireless Things LoRaWAN network of Wireless Belgium was created in 2015 from a very active community of telecom and security experts. Various customers are active on the nationwide LoRaWAN network. This ranges from tracking baggage cars at airports to reading data from beehives.

Stefan Lambrechts, director and owner of Wireless Belgium: “We are a technology-driven organization and with the realization of our LoRaWAN network we have mainly focused on further developing the technology and its security. With Techtenna and its solution partners, we can better serve customers with not only connectivity, but also services that can be directly applied to customers in their business operations.”

Focus on the solution with IoT
Techtenna’s LoRaWAN network offers guaranteed indoor and outdoor reception. They achieve this through a unique high density network architecture. Customers with an IoT issue can focus on the right solution instead of asking whether there is LoRaWAN connectivity. Techtenna’s customers include Brabant Water, the Municipality of Breda and the Municipality of Tilburg.

Marco Sprenkels, CEO and co-founder of Techtenna: “IoT has transcended the concept phase and the business community is starting to discover the possibilities. Thanks to the strategic collaboration with the Wireless Things LoRaWAN network and the knowledge and experience of the Wireless Belgium team, we can serve our customers even better.”
Growth through collaboration

The collaboration fits in with the growth ambitions of both companies. The growth is further shaped by working together with specialists in various market segments, such as Hygienecodeonline.nl (Horeca), Twindle.io (real estate) with Handpicked Agencies, consumption overview.nl (intermediate measurement) with Solidform and TRAK365.com (agricultural sector). with Bink Elektro, whereby Techtenna and now also Wireless Belgium add the IoT services to an existing portfolio.

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