It’s a wrap! From now on we are Techtenna!

We started with the working name Things Data Network and have already provided Breda with a LoRaWAN network to a large extent. At the end of this year, Breda will have the first High Density LoRaWAN City Network in the world. Together with involved partners, we can then work on realizing the best IoT region in the Netherlands (perhaps the world) and grow from there.

To learn more about Techtenna, read this short interview with the founders, Jeroen Goos and Marco Sprenkels:

Where does Techtenna come from?

Marco Sprenkels, CEO Techtenna: “We have placed many LoRaWAN access points in recent months. We always call this “installing an antenna”. Jeroen and I are both tech lovers and the name Techtenna once fell. The name immediately stuck very well. ”

What do you need all those antennas for?

Jeroen Goos, CTO Techtenna: “The LoRaWAN network we are realizing can be seen as WiFi for sensors. Everyone knows the problem of poor WiFi coverage. We guarantee that the sensors that work with our LoRaWAN network always have coverage. In other words, a kind of WiFi coverage guarantee. Breda is the first city to have such a network, with coverage for sensors in every corner, inside and outside. ”

That’s nice, but what can you do with it?

You can measure with sensors. You can measure data in an environment and with this data you have information that gives you insight into a local situation. Some examples:

  • Equipping parking spaces with sensors provides a real-time picture of the number of available parking spaces and with this information a driver can be sent to an area with available parking spaces. The sensor is simply attached to the road surface and it works. No road breaks, no power supplies, etc. The sensor works on a simple battery that lasts for years.
  • Playground equipment measuring frequency and intensity. With easy-to-attach sensors on playground equipment, an analysis can quickly be made of which devices and places are used. If the use suddenly decreases to zero, this could indicate a problem with the playground in question. Dynamic maintenance based on data can thus be added to existing maintenance plans. By quickly detecting and solving problems, the children can enjoy themselves again!
  • Pest control. A mousetrap should be checked regularly in case of nuisance, while a connected mousetrap simply sends a signal when the trap has gone off. In this way, companies get to fight a plague more effectively. On an urban scale, it provides insight into where problems arise and immediately takes additional measures. In this way, a possible pest is nipped in the bud faster. Flatten The Curve so to speak.

There are many examples of things that you can connect to the Internet: this is called the Internet of Things, or IoT.

What are your plans?

We realize LoRaWAN networks with a guaranteed coverage. We perfect the HD LoRaWAN City Network approach and then roll out to multiple cities. Local partners cooperate on building the network. West Brabant is an excellent region to start. There is an abundant pool of technical talent and entrepreneurship. For example, Breda has placed digitization high on its political agenda. This accelerates companies and institutions in Breda seeing the possibilities of the Internet of Things. They can see that it is already possible and working.