Handpicked Agencies contributes to the best IoT region in the Netherlands!

Handpicked Agencies is a proud partner of Techtenna (www.techtenna.com). Techtenna realizes the first High Density LoRaWAN City Network in the Netherlands, with which Internet of Things (IoT) devices work both indoors and outdoors.

With the network, IoT projects can be reliably realized with sensors that work with LoRa technology. Sensors can then function on 1 battery for years. Sensors are essential in realizing a digital twin of your business process.

Marco Sprenkels, CEO Techtenna: ‚ÄúHandpicked Agencies is a thought leader in the field of Digital Twins. They immediately understood the need for a reliable IoT network. We organize a hands-on inspiration workshop, in which the employees of Handpicked Agencies get inspired for innovative sensor solutions in Digital Twin projects. ”

With the realized network it is now possible for every company to take advantage of the possibilities of the Internet of Things, without major network investments.