Dataleaf proud partner in building the best Internet of Things Region in the Netherlands!

Techtenna builds the best Internet of Things Region of the Netherlands. Starting in Breda  and with the help of entrepreneurs in Breda, Techtenna realizes a so-called High Density LoRaWAN City Network. This is a private managed Internet of Things Network that, in contrast to various community networks, guarantees connectivity and, in contrast to the KPN LoRa or Sigfox network, guarantees 100% coverage within the city limits, both indoors and outdoors. The same QoS can be delivered on site or campus.

Use cases

As a company, you can immediately get started with one of the many use cases using sensors. You can measure and collect environmental data and with this data you have information that gives you insight into a local situation. Some examples:

  • Equipping parking spaces with sensors provides a real-time picture of the number of available parking spaces and with this information a driver can be sent to an area with available parking spaces. The sensor is simply attached to the road surface and it works. No road breaks, no power supplies, etc. The sensor works on a simple battery that lasts for years.
  • performing measurements on complex industrial sites where tradtional wireless solutions do not work
  • Playground equipment measuring frequency and intensity. With easy-to-attach sensors on playground equipment, an analysis can quickly be made of which devices and places are used. If the use suddenly decreases to zero, this could indicate a problem with the playground in question. Dynamic maintenance based on data can thus be added to existing maintenance plans. By quickly detecting and solving problems, the children can enjoy themselves again!
  • Pest control. A mousetrap should be checked regularly in case of nuisance, while a connected mousetrap simply sends a signal when the trap has gone off. In this way, companies get to fight a plague more effectively. On an urban scale, it provides insight into where problems arise and immediately takes additional measures. In this way, a possible pest is nipped in the bud faster. Flatten The Curve so to speak.

Dataleaf Breda

Jurgen van den Branden, director Dataleaf: “We realise digital transformations for our customers and IoT is often part of this. We therefore see the importance of a reliable IoT network. As a company from Breda, we are proud we contribute to the realization of the best IoT network in the Netherlands! ”

DataLeaf has 20 years of experience in innovation projects. With this expertise, we as a partner can help efficiently and thoughtfully renew old software. We believe in an approach in which software is continuously developed. Replacing your software once is not a structural solution. Our advice is to continuously improve applications in order to optimize the processes. This way you keep innovation in your business processes. Over the years, we have developed an efficiency drive that allows us to say that all our migration processes have been successfully completed. We are proud of it.