D-Media new partner in building the best IoT Regio of the Netherlands!

We are proud to announce D-Media as a new partner in realizing the best IoT region in the Netherlands. Starting in Breda and with the help of entrepreneurs in the Breda region, Techtenna realizes a so-called High Density LoRaWAN City Network. This is a private managed IoT network that guarantees connectivity. Indoors and outdoors.

What solutions are there?

  • Logging and monitoring environmental factors such as CO2, temperature and humidity in a room. With the Techtanna LoRaWAN network and sensors, it is easy to measure CO2 in any room. No installation costs, no hassle with configuration and settings. Immediate insight into the data in a dashboard.
  • Pest control. You should check a rat trap regularly. A digital rat trap simply sends a signal when the trap has gone off. Governments and companies can thus combat a pest more effectively. On an urban scale, you gain insight into where problems are occurring and immediately take additional measures. A possible pest is thus nipped in the bud more quickly. Let’s say Flatten The Curve.
  • Track your dog or cat. In the Breda region it is possible to easily find your pet if it is lost and it is equipped with a LoRaWAN tracker. Simple and without charging every week.
  • Digital displays to listen to paid audio guide to art in public space.

Daniel Schoone, owner of D-Media: “We build many complex websites with online services for customers. This involves more and more information from the ‘real’ world. We are happy to help realize this Techtenna LoRaWAN network, because our customers can immediately benefit from this. For example with predictive maintenance of machines ”

D-Media makes the web so much easier, better and more productive for customers. Gaining time instead of losing. Post results instead of continuing to search. But how do you do it smart? Don’t get caught up in the web. Make the web work for you.