Parking Solutions

With the use of smart parking solutions, collecting data about available parking spaces becomes real time available. 

A city with the problem of parking vehicles at non-parking places used the Smart Parking solution to directly alert the police. Neighbourhood safety and satisfaction increased immediately. 

Internet of Bins

Connecting bins to the Internet using the Techtenna LoRaWAN network is easy and fast.

The Internet of Bins is growing fast and one of the most practical examples of the possibilities of using IoT in a City. It enables dynamic routing of waste collecting trucks. The collected data is used for improve the strategy of waste collection in a city.

Enabler for Smart Cities

We enable  Smart Cities to actually use IoT. With our LoRaWan network there are no limitations to start using sensors and integrate reliable data in everyday processes. The data enables smarter and faster decision taking and can be used to automate process triggers. Examples like alerting the police, pro-active alerts on broken streetlights and full bins.

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