Outdoor Call to Action LoRaWAN

Outdoor Call to Action button

Techtenna provides a unique LoRaWAN outdoor call to action platform. The outdoor terminal is battery powered and makes use of LoRaWAN and e-paper. Blind Walls Gallery is the first in the world to receive a “Local Audio Guide”, with which visitors – after making a small contribution – can listen to an audio guide. For example, visitors and residents of Breda can enjoy the beautiful stories on which the Blind Walls murals are based 24 hours a day, in four different languages.  We work together with SolidForm Blind Walls Gallery en Breda.

Enabler for Smart Cities

We enable Smart Cities to actually use IoT. With our LoRaWan network there are no limitations to start using sensors and integrate reliable data in everyday processes. The data enables smarter and faster decision taking and can be used to automate process triggers. Examples like alerting the police, pro-active alerts on broken streetlights and full bins. We work together with Breda, Tilburg, Wireless Things Belgium