CO2 and office climate

CO2 is measured in PPM and a value of 1000 and higher results in problems like headache and decreased productivity.

Do you know your office CO2 value?

Legionella Compliance

Buildings in the Netherlands must comply with NEN 1006 for their drinking water installations. With our Legionella IoT solution we  lower costs to comply with NEN 1006 and lower the risk of Ligionalla problems by automated monitoring.


Smart parking solution

With the use of smart parking solutions, collecting data about available parking spaces becomes real time available. 

Like in a city a company can have a problem of parking vehicles at non-parking places. By using our Smart Parking solution the  building receptionist can be alerted immediately and take action.


Enabler for Smart Buildings

We enable  Smart Buildings to actually use IoT. With our LoRaWan network there are no limitations to start using sensors and integrate reliable data in everyday processes. The data enables smarter and faster decision taking and can be used to automate process triggers. Examples are open window alerting, CO2-alerting en legionella compliance.

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