Smart watermeter in Breda saves 4 million liters

“Municipality of Breda reads out water meters via LoRaWAN network”

Retrofit LoRaWan module

Breda, September 16, 2021. Brabant Water, the climate-neutral drinking water company that supplies drinking water to 2.5 million residents and companies in North Brabant, and Techtenna, a provider of wireless networks for the Internet of Things (IoT), have successfully completed a pilot with the municipality of Breda. The pilot included the remote reading of 300 water meters including 50 from municipal buildings spread over the entire city. The remote reading of water meters through Techtenna’s LoRaWAN network makes manual transmission of meter readings unnecessary. It also provides up-to-date insight into usage and thus makes water savings possible. One of the buildings in the pilot had very high continuous consumption. Leaking toilet cisterns turned out to be the cause. By solving this leakage, the municipality will save 4 million liters of water annually.

One of Brabant Water’s priorities is to increase water awareness among its relations. This is to smooth out the growth in water consumption that has been going on for years. An important aspect here is having up-to-date insight into water consumption. Smart Water Meters are required for this. The Techtenna network is extremely suitable for the communication of Smart Water Meters.
Johan van Erp, Metering Specialist Brabant Water: “The provision of a digital metering service by Brabant Water regularly encounters a chicken-and-egg problem in terms of connectivity. Techtenna guarantees that we can read our meters with LoRaWAN, and as a result we can focus on the service to our relations”.

The municipality of Breda is currently realizing a digitization master plan in which applied technology and creativity are central. Reading meters has proven to be an excellent example of how you can apply technology and immediately gain insight into its benefits.

Techtenna realizes an IoT network based on LoRaWAN technology. LoRaWAN has a large range and makes very energy-efficient meters possible. The challenge of water meters lies in the often difficult-to-reach mounting locations, where regular communication options quickly fail. Techtenna guarantees coverage in its catchment area by realizing a unique High Density LoRaWAN Citynetwork. The unique design of the network and application architecture makes it possible to guarantee this uniquely high Quality of Service (QoS).
Marco Sprenkels, CEO Techtenna: “Fantastic to see the dedication of Brabant Water and the Municipality of Breda to increase awareness about water consumption and thus contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals”.

About Brabant Water

Brabant Water is the climate neutral drinking water company that supplies drinking water to 2.5 million inhabitants and companies in North Brabant. Nearly 800 employees ensure that customers can count on fresh and reliable drinking water every day. In addition, Brabant Water takes responsibility for the environment and wants to add value for people, nature and the environment. Often in collaboration with partners.

About Techtenna

Techtenna provider of wireless networks for the Internet of Things (IoT) with LoRaWAN technology. Techtenna guarantees connectivity for connected devices. Techtenna works together with partners to realize industry-specific IoT solutions. The unique High Density LoRaWAN network architecture is based on more than 5 years of experience in realizing LoRaWAN in the Netherlands and Belgium. More information: