Avans University of Applied Sciences partners with Techtenna in realizing the Techtenna High Density LoRa network

AVANS Innovative Studio and TechtennaWith the realization of a Techtenna LoRa installation, Avans is making a significant contribution to realizing the best IoT region in the Netherlands. The partnership not only includes installation in the heart of Breda for extensive reception of various IoT sensors, but also the opportunity for students to gain experience with LoRa and various sensors.

Jeffrey Janssen, CTO Avans University of Applied Sciences: “Our students from various study programs are confronted with IoT applications. With Techtenna, our students can have access to a professional IoT network and gain experience in the field with IoT”

Marco Sprenkels, CEO Techtenna: “We challenged various groups of students with an Avans Innovative Studio to solve practical problems with the possibilities of our state of the art network. This has resulted, for example, in digitally supporting forest rangers and improving home care.”

IoT networks can be divided into networks requiring a license and networks without a license. Techtenna provides a license-free IoT network service consisting of:

  • Network subscription
  • IoT platform for registering and processing the data
  • Dashboard for displaying and analyzing data.

In addition, Techtenna works together with players in various markets (verticals), such as Hygienecodeonline.nl (Horeca), Twindle.io (real estate), verbruiksoverzicht.nl (intermediate metering) and TRAK365.com (agricultural sector), whereby Techtenna adds the IoT services to an existing portfolio.