Accelerating building our network with AXI

This week we installed multiple LoRaWAN gateways to build our LoRaWAN HD City Network. AXI is our latest partner supporting our mission to build the best IoT region of the Netherlands, Possibly Europe. Located right next to the stadium of our football club NAC, our network is now ready to be used by a variety of sports applications.

Michel Petrusma, director AXI Netherlands: ” We have build a range of IoT soluitons for our customers and we are happy to see that the connectivity challenge for IoT devices is tackled in our region. This really accelerates providing solutions for our customers”.

AXI is an independent ICT partner in Belgium and the Netherlands. We devise, develop and manage innovative software solutions for retail, government, semi-government, healthcare and companies from the trade, service and industry sectors.

AXI is part of AXI Group together with LoQutus, Ground lion and Elegio. The group has 350 employees and offices in Willebroek, Breda, Ghent and Wavre.