About the company

The network infrastructure company European Connectivity Networks (ECN), which is jointly owned by Netmore Group and the infrastructure company Polar Structure, is operating the Dutch LoRaWAN operator Techtenna. 

Techtenna is a LoraWAN network operator, providing an IoT network service to enable high-grade solutions for cities and companies.

Techtenna aims to increase quality and safety of processes, individuals and animals by always having relevant information at hand through the use of sensors and our IoT network.

We are building our High Density LoRaWAN network in cities; we have the knowledge and hands on experience on board to expand it. LoRaWAN is the dominant  IoT LPWAN technology.



What We do

With the high density we can guarantee connectivity inside and outside buildings. If a device has no connection, we will take care of it.

With our LoRaWAN network and solutions we help

  • municipalities who want to digitize their city by lowering the barriers to use sensors in a variety of processes by companies and stimulate the local economy by enabling innovation unlike just granting subsidies
  • real estate owners and entrepreneurs who want their buildings to become smart by reducing risk and energy and save money on managing their building, unlike wired solutions


Marco Sprenkels

CEO and Co-founder Marco Sprenkels earned his MSc Electrical engineering at Eindhoven University. After a corporate career within Schlumberger and EY, he founded his first company in 2001. This telecom company was later sold in 2005 to J2 Global Inc. (JCOM:Nasdaq). Marco has since then become an expert in startup entrepreneurship, consulting both government as numerous startups and scaleups on accelerating the way to success.

Jeroen Goos

CTO and Co-Founder Jeroen Goos served as CEO and owner of a private Belgium Radio Broadcast network. He sold this company in 2010. He is specialized in radio technology and has built a private LoRaWAN network, with hundreds of community members. He’s a frequent speaker on IoT conferences and member of several national IoT market organizations. He is frequently consulted by organizations on IoT.