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Working IoT solutions

IoT has been around for quite a while. The technology is now ready to be used for profitable business cases. Market research shows that in 2023 about 50% of the IoT solutions will make use of LoRaWAN connectivity. The extreme low energy consumption and the long range enable the use of sensors in otherwise impossible use cases.

LoRaWAN Networks

We build and operate LoRaWAN networks in Europe and make your solutions work. If there is no good coverage, it is our problem and we fix it.


Smart Building Solutions

We provide a variety of solutions to make buildings smart. Solutions like the reduction of risk of Legionella contamination.


Smart Agriculture

IoT can make agriculture even smarter through the use of precision sensors to determine plant desease pressure. We provide flexible and cost effective LoRaWAN solutions.

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With our LoRaWAN expertise we enable Digital Transformation in a variety of industries

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